The Trap of Multitasking Focus

Multitasking is when one can perform more than one task at once. You can perform more than one task at a time but the human brain focuses on one thing at a time. We tend to find our attention is on one task more than the other. Multitasking is used as a solution when you think you don’t have enough time to do what is needed of you before the end of time. For instance, when you are in an office and you should do conference calls and read emails. You may find yourself losing focus on one and staying determined on the other.

For many individuals, they can’t multitask and be efficient. This is because efficiency is enhanced when one focuses on one thing for greater results. Most office managers believe they can become productive when they multitask but that in many cases decrease productivity because the task is not done efficiently. This is because our brains are not wired for many tasks at a time since human beings lose attention and focus. Therefore, the determination cannot be enhanced by multitasking. Multitasking instead decreases our creativity and lowers our IQ reducing room for career advancement.


This is the act of reaching to an end of something or finishing what one had started. For instance, when one completes their bachelor’s degree, it shows they were determined students. Thus, they get a professional advantage. It is only through a determination that one is can complete the task they have set. Completion strengthens one’s workforce. This is because one feels encouraged to set a higher goal. For example, when one finishes their degree they get an inner determination of starting masters’ studies.


When you stay determined you can secure high productivity. Here, the determination is enhanced by getting rid of determination killers. These include toxic people, poor communication systems and lack of appreciation. Instead, create an environment where you can stay determined to achieve your goals and objectives. Setting a clear goal is also another means of ensuring productivity in the workforce. When one uses the technology available they stay determine and this enhances productive work. This is because it gives room for skills development and the achievement of the set standards.

Besides, when you communicate effectively you enhanced productivity. For example, when a manager in an organization gives clear means of achieving a certain goal of an organization, the employees stay determined towards the set goal. Thus, the employee can reach out to one another for the goal.

Set a Priority

This is reaching the most important goals first which helps to maintain the determination of an individual. One remains determined towards the goals so that they are not overwhelmed by tasks in their paths. By prioritizing and making plans one becomes more efficient and effective in what they do. This is because it improves the time management of an individual and here one can avoid unnecessary stress, anxiety, and frustrations.

When one remains determined to their priorities, they make their goals attainable and thus enhances success in an individual’s work. This also gives you greater control over your day’s activities. Thus staying determined towards what you have prioritized ensures accomplishment of the set goals. It reduces one’s room for procrastination and excuses. One feels the need to stay determined for the achievement of the priorities.


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