The issue of Covid-19 has shaken the health system of 163 out of 195 countries worldwide. According to Worldometer, there are 197,223 cases and 7,950 death worldwide. Countries like Italy and Spain are experiencing a total shut down. The United States started last week started shutting down major cities like New York in government efforts to control the situations. Indeed not good news to the world economy.

Operations in many companies, schools, and businesses are greatly affected. Some schools have resolved to offer all learning activities through their e-learning platforms. For companies, working from home has become a better option. Instead of halting operations, employers are encouraging their employees to remain at home and only show up at their place of work when necessary.

How working from home will save the day.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the symptoms of infection of coronavirus are fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties. Medics maintains that the virus is transmitted person to person through physical contact and respiratory droplets from an infected person. However, avoiding physical contact at the workplace is evitable. Therefore, working from home is one of the ways to reduce the spread of Covid-19. At the same time, the world economy will not be much affected.

On Monday, New Jersey urged people to work from home as the cases in the US passed 2800. Moreover, the employees have been complaining that there have been little efforts to protect them. As a result, the federal government has encouraged teleworking where possible.

Thanks to technology! As an employer, there some operations you can run with your employees remotely. By doing so, you are not only lowering your risk of contracting the virus but also your employees too. Chances of 100% avoiding contact with an infected workmate are very minimal.

Softwares like trello, asana, Skype, Slack, and Basecamp are some of the software that you can use to collaborate with your remote employee/employer. Your employee needs to have a stable internet connection, working PC, and working space at home. Instead of halting all your operations, this would be the way to go.

All said and done, allowing your employees to work from home will enable them to be productive. They will be anxiety-free from contracting the coronavirus. Working from home will also give them peace of mind knowing their families are safe. Can you imagine how worried you would be as a parent while you are out there and not sure how your children are keeping safe?

Some facts about Covid-19

First, it would be ignorant to refuse that it poses a threat to the worldwide economy. We all need to look for alternatives on how to keep safe and working too. Secondly, the graph for reported cases has been rising daily. We cannot, therefore, hold human activities on hold forever. One of the best moves is to work from home and avoid unnecessary movement and contacts.

Thirdly, even though there are 7, 950 death reported cases, there are 81,683 recovered cases. Hence, there is hope contracting the virus is not a death sentence. Fourth, the incubation period of Covid-19 is said to be 14 days. It would be wise to observe self-quarantine where possible in case you travel from affected areas for at least two weeks.





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