It’s beautiful how we all see the world through different lenses and different spectrums. We all have unique measures of various concepts of life. Despite the negative consequences that sometimes arise due to ignorance, strife, and hate, there is no denying that the difference in all of us is what makes the world an amazing place.

Our lives are governed by our priorities, our decisions and ultimately the choices we make. There are other key areas that affect us and the speed at which we reach success. One vital component is the way we interact with our current environment. Another is how we cope with emotions, and how we direct our mental energy. There are many factors that determine our path to greatness.

“We are most confident in our ability to win, not only when we showcase and reveal our strengths, but rather when we appreciate and acknowledge our weakness” – Dominic Therimone

Here are the five most important measures for achieving success:

How we think: Our mental strength and fortitude is the foundation of everything good we want to do here on Earth. You will not be able to perform at your very best if you are not thinking right, practicing success in your head and living it out through your daily actions. We struggle most in life when we cannot shake the negative thoughts running through our minds. When we allow fear, worry, and doubts to become pillars living within, we lose the mental battle instantly, and what could have been a positive palace of cheerful dreams soon becomes a psychological prison of lost hope.

How we plan, strategize and prepare: Many human beings fail to understand the difference between operations, tactics, strategy, and logistics. How we prepare determines how well the plan goes in the long run. Our inability to successfully put together a systematic plan in place will always cause us to fall short of the intended mark.

How we work: This is all about productivity. Another mistake many make when it comes to productivity is thinking that productivity is based on time. Instead of measuring how productive you are by looking at a clock, what you should do is measure the capacity at which you can execute and produce at scale, without any time pressure or deadline in place.

How we live our lives: Habits. Routines. Ways of doing things. This includes what you eat, how much sleep, whether you exercise or not. Your life is simply a collection of regular habits and daily routines. Your success or failure is the result you get from it.

How we spend our money: We all have a choice when it comes to money. Instant pleasure or delayed gratification. Invest for tomorrow or spend for today. Save or splurge. We all get to choose what we want to spend our money on. How you spend your money will determine how many assets you can accumulate over a set period of years.

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